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Did You Know Did You Know? Just Facts | Episode 03

Did You Know? Just Facts | Episode 03

Improving your knowledge daily with interesting facts, stories and things that make you think, Heaps of interesting fun facts and figures to keep you entertained.

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known

12 Amazing science facts that will blow your mind

1. In an entire life time, the average person walks the equivalent of five times around the world.

2. You get red eyes in pictures because your pupil is just a hole and the flash reflects the blood in the back of your eyes.

3. In zero gravity, a candle’s flame is round and blue.

4. When you Sneeze, your entire body function stop, even your heart.

5. There is an area in Canada, with gravity less than the rest of the Earth. This is in the Hudson Bay Area of Canada.

6. The Amazon delivers 55 million gallons of water into the Atlantic Ocean every second & more than 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced by the Amazon rain forest.

7. Watching a horror movie burns nearly 200 calories in just 90 minutes, due to the increase in heart-rate.

8. Oil is made from the remains of plants and animals that lived millions of years ago. That’s why it could eventually run out.

9. Over 24,000 people are killed by lightning strikes worldwide every year.

10. Octopuses have three hearts, nine brains, and blue blood.

11. Your eyebrows renew themselves every 64 days.

12. There is no such thing as moonlight, the light you see is the reflection of the sunlight off the moon’s surface.

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